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Mrs World Thu Huong – The Founder of Top 100 International Business Style continues to host a successful Leader Talk – Leaders’ Bookshelf event

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May 21, 2018

On the last 19/5, The Leader Talk event – Leaders’ bookshelf hosted by BSIN and the operation of Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong has been celebrated successfully.

Despite spending days busily prepared for  the event, Mrs World Thu Huong was still very beautiful and brilliant

Having full support from hundreds of BSIN members – the Leader Talk event – Leaders’ Bookshelf hosted by Mrs World Thu Huong  has made remarkable memories to our BSIN members, parents, teachers, and SNA students.

Mrs World Thu Huong with the International and Vietnam businessmen

Mrs WorldThu Huong with businessman Le Viet Hai – CEO of Hoa Binh Construction Group

Being the producer of the Top 100 International Business Style – Mrs Worls Thu Huong felt excited and proud when all of the BSIN guests invited spent their entire Saturday morning to come and shared talks about their beloved book

The Chief Producer of Top 100 International Business Style event shared a speech at the Leader Talk – Leaders Bookshelf

Besides being the event producer, and has been busy preparing for the event many days before – Mrs World Thu Huong also didn’t forget to bring her favorited book to give to the students. She has shared that, the value of this event was not only as giving books, adding more books to the school library, contributing in the development of the future leaders generation, and the most important is that our BSIN have offered the books that they also love to share to their children.

Being lively,and hilarious, our even producer Mrs Thu Huong created an excited memories to our SNA students

The Chief producer of Leader Talk event – The Leaders’ Bookshelf couldn’t hide her excitement when the event Top 100 International Business Style with 100 great books for the students

The businessmen and SNA students took photos on the stage

All of the businessmen took photos with SNA teachers

Mrs World has shared: “For many years, together with the event honoring outstanding individuals who have great performances in doing business, contribution to the community, networking the national businessmen and the international investors, with the mission in bringing Vietnam to the World and bringging the World to Vietnam. The Top 100 International Business Style always celebrated and associated with the communal activities, in particular, the event for the future leaders generation. With the title “Future leaders generation” with the association of Nguyen Hoang Group, Top 100 International Business Style this year, the Education and Business Investors having desire to nurtur a great future generation that have the participation of parents, and great businessmen that sharing the same mission in the development of the nation future leaders generation.



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