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Ms. Daria Mishukova – Vice President of WLIN 3C “WLIN 3C will become an important platform for business networking, sharing between business women from different countries”.

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July 4, 2018

Ms. Daria Mishukova has studied and received Ph.D. with specialization “Vietnamese Studies”, she has a privileged of deep understanding of Vietnamese language, culture, traditions and mental patterns. On the occasion when she became Vice President of WLIN 3C – Cross Culture Club, in charge of consulting and supporting entrepreneur field, Wlin.vn has an interview with her.

Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself?

My name is Daria Mishukova, I am from Russia. For the last 10 years, I have spent more time staying in Asia for business than in my home country, and most of my time I stay in Vietnam. I am a Ph.D. of “Vietnamese Studies”. Therefore, I have a privileged of deep understanding of Vietnamese language, culture, traditions and mental patterns. This is very important for cross culture business.

In 2007 I wrote a book “Vietnam: The land of dragons and fairies” in Russian, which was highly appreciated both in Vietnam and Russia and Vietnamese version was published in 2013. This book put me into the focus of media, TV and business communities.

Could you please share with us about your present business field? How was your entrepreneurial path?

I have been consulting my own company, which specializes on business strategies, branding and marketing. One of our instruments is international media platform Business&Leisure, with coverage for 8 countries, 26 destinations in 2 languages: English and Russian.

What is your business philosophy? What are the advantages/strengths of your company?

One of the most obvious truth is: you are the best brand ambassador for your business. Appreciate your values. Be open socially. Be friendly, be positive, be polite. Shine bright. Welcome new ideas, people and things will come into your life. Get closer to what you like, keep distance with what you do not like. Not necessary to try everything, choose the best. These are my guidelines in business and daily life decisions.

Could you please share some difficulties that you have to face with in business, and how did you overcome them?

I think that usage of the word “difficulties” is not actually relevant. We use this definition “difficult” when facing something unpleasant, and in the first moment we do not know how to manage or overcome it. Later, when we find a solution, we stop to identify the situation as “difficult”. It is already done. I think the wording “lessons” will be more appropriate replacement for “difficulties”.

What lessons we are facing… actually, every day brings many valuable lessons.

Could you name some achievements that both individual and the company have gained in your business?

My achievements and contributions were acknowledged with 12 national and government awards here in Vietnam, including Medal of Honor, the highest award from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Vietnam. My medal was the first one granted to a Russian citizen in XXI century. One month later, the same insignia was granted to the Ambassador of Russia in Vietnam.

I had almost 200 media appearances including 15 TV shows and 186 interviews and portrait articles for all leading newspapers and magazines in Vietnam and Russia. From BBC London to Voice of Russia and Vietnam News, from Nhan Dan, Lao Dong, Tuoi tre to The Guide and Business Style magazine.

Your plans, intention for the company’s development in the future?

The nature of consulting business is not very public. It is mostly by referral. Some of my projects on branding strategies are more public, like the concept of the crown Miss Universe Vietnam 2015. I think in next years, more open to public projects are coming.

In addition, I was very pleased that Business&Leisure – Vietnam issue got National media Award TTDN 2016 in Vietnam.

 What are your perspectives about the role of Women Leaders in modern times?

We see more and more successful businesses, including global companies and amazing start-up initiated and managed by women. This global trend tends to grow.

Why do you decide to join WLIN?

Actually, it is not a first time joining, but my re-connection with WLIN under the new club: Cross Culture Club. I was happy and proud to have a title of Vice-president WLIN in Nha Trang in 2014-2015 as well as honored in the list of TOP 50 Women leaders International in 2014.

I believe, WLIN Cross Culture Club – 3C, the first English-speaking club of WLIN network in Vietnam, will become very important platform for business networking, sharing, connection, exchange and interchange between business women from different countries.

 As a President/Vice President, what will you do to contribute to WLIN and social activities?

Cross culture business is a mixture of different business approaches, mental habits, leadership styles and business roles.

For example, Russian businesses in Vietnam are mostly lead by man. That is why, I really appreciate that WLIN Cross Culture Club welcoming both man and women leaders in its activities. I would like to connect more international businesses to WLIN.

Thank you for your sharing, hope you will succeed in the future!


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