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Internet Expo 2021 – Europe Market Launch Event – Opportunities for Vietnam – Europe market

By btv NH

September 20, 2021

Internet Expo – Europe Market Launch Event, one in the event series towards “Internet Expo 2021: Technology Festival – Innovation and Creativity in the Digital Era” organized by the IEX Group on September 18, was successfully held. A borderless connection space between Vietnamese and European businesses has been brought through the program, got great attractions of domestic and international entrepreneurs, partners. Moreover, participants were energetically excited and highly appreciate breakthrough ideas, creativity, and the practice of the solutions on the digital platform that the program brings.

To introduce the Internet Expo 2021 to the European market, finding and strongly spreading the breakthrough ideas, and practical solutions on the digital platform, which the Internet Expo provides, to potential partners for the long-term development between Vietnam – Europe market. Therefore, helping to recover the broken trade flow in recent years and develop in the future, opening up promising opportunities for businesses in all fields to update and adapt effectively in the digital age, connecting trade without borders.

Update technology trends to promote trade in the Vietnam – Europe market.

Mr. Peter Le – CEO, Founder of New Horizon Investment & Immigration

As the host, Mr. Peter Le – CEO, Founder of New Horizon Investment & Immigration, had shared his optimism and belief in solutions to overcome difficulties to access the market in the complicated pandemic context in the Internet Expo 2021: “ The Internet Expo 2021 will bring a promising future with the application of virtual reality technology. I believe the digital transformation has become an indispensable factor to help businesses expand their business, develop the multi-national economy, and maintaining operations in new, more efficient, and secure ways, more in line with consumer trends.”

With the mission of “Accompanying Vietnamese businesses in connecting borderless trade”, with technology that has been and is being interested in many businesses, the Internet Expo – Europe Market Launch Event was also pleased to receive the great attention of participation both domestic and foreign partners and entrepreneurs: Ms. Nanette Belista – Director of Belista Realty Pty Ltd, Marketing Group; Ms. Kim Anh Dinh – Member of Belista Real Estate Marketing Group, representing Sydney Australia; Mr. Davy Nguyen – Executive Producer – Reality TV Show in Sydney, Australia; Mr. Paul Le, Head of CSV (Creating Shared Values) – Trade Promotion VN – Central Retail in Vietnam; Mr. Ilias Mamatov – Business Development Consultant for Internet Expo 2021 in Russian Market; Mr. Le Minh Tuan – Founder, CEO of New Horizon Investment & Immigration; Ms. Huong Hoang – Country Coordinator – BremenInvest Vietnam; Mr. Damien Bazin – Director of Market Expansion & Corporate Services at Source of Asia; Mr. Ian Sebastian – Senior Regional Manager, Western Sydney University; Mr. Trang Nguyen – Recruitment Manager, Vietnam and Indochina, Western Sydney University; Ms. Esti Lestari Mihail – General Manager Qingdao Red Lions Football Club, the organizers of the Internet Expo program, and invited business leaders.


During the event, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of IEX Group, Head of the Organizing Committee of Internet Expo – Entrepreneur Dinh Van Loc and Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong – General Director of Nam Huong Group, Founding Shareholder, Advisor of IEX Group and Ms. Naomi Nga – Global Development Director of Internet Expo gave a clear and detailed introduction of attractive conditions and breakthrough digital solutions professionally invested with outstanding features for diverse industries and professions. With virtual reality technology, 360-view, the Internet Expo will bring customers a new and attractive experience, helping to eliminate the space gap, expand the audience, and create favorable conditions for businesses to experience. Fully covered with all activities of a physical exhibition of anywhere in the world and completely being unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Internet Expo was born to help businesses complete their business plans.

The support and positive evaluation from the domestic and foreign business communities in all fields and industries.

 Ms. Kim Anh Dinh – Member of  Belista Real Estate Marketing Group

A representative from Sydney, Australia shared Ms. Kim Anh Dinh, a Member of Belista Real Estate Marketing Group – during the event: “ I feel very happy and excited to be invited to participate in the Europe Market Launch Event today, to join the business community in all fields of industries and multi-national companies to update new technology trends in the current digital transformation. Through Internet Expo 2021, I hope to strongly spread the opportunities for businesses to connect with borderless trade, in a prestigious virtual exhibition environment of international stature with leading modern technologies of the world today.”

Mr. Davy Nguyen – Executive Producer, Reality TV Show

Also, a representative from Australia – Mr. Davy Nguyen, Executive Producer, Reality TV Show, a media and events consultant, the famous host – shared: “I highly appreciate modern technology solutions, capturing the trend of accessing information of viewers to bring a virtual event that converges all the necessary elements to help businesses develop marketing activities, promote brands without borders, reach millions of customers both in domestic and foreign customers in the same space. Excellently for the event industry, the Internet Expo is completely unaffected by the distance barriers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In my opinion, Internet Expo 2021 will be a great opportunity for businesses, especially, small and medium enterprises, to connect and adapt to the current modern technology era.”

Mr. Paul Le, Head of CSV (Creating Shared Values) – Trade Promotion VN – Central Retail in Vietnam

Mr. Paul Le, Head of CSV (Creating Shared Values) – Trade Promotion VN – Central Retail in Vietnam, shared: “The virtual reality technology used in the Internet Expo 2021 event has been interested and desired by many businesses, thereby helping them approach customers in a new direction more effectively, safely and quickly, catching up with the era of digital transformation. Virtual reality technology is a growing technology trend with businesses around the world, through the Internet Expo, I believe that together, it will bring competitive advantages as well as help businesses find new markets, promoting international market trade for businesses in the current context.” 

Mr. Ilias Mamatov – Business Development Consult

Ms. Huong Hoang – Country Coordinator – BremenInvest Vietnam

Mr. Damien Bazin – Director of Market Expansion & Corporate Services at Source of Asia

Mr. Trang Nguyen – Recruitment Manager, Vietnam and Indochina, Western Sydney University

Phạm Đặng Anh Thư (Joli Poli) – A designer of Viet Nam

Internet Expo 2021: Festival of Technology – Innovation and Creativity in the Digital Age” – The largest online exhibition event in the Asia – Pacific region is a prestigious international trading environment for companies with leading technology. The world’s leading modern technology will help businesses show their advantage in embracing technology, adapting to the strong digital transformation that is taking place.

The event promises to bring businesses in all fields with the opportunity to approach, catch up with the latest technology platforms, promote brands and increase business efficiency, bringing value to millions of customers, both domestic and foreign without encountering obstacles due to disease barriers. In addition, the event is also an effective bridge for opportunities to connect the Vietnam – Europe market as well as other countries in the region, helping businesses expand to multi-national markets with optimal costs in the professional virtual exhibition.

With the participation of 20 countries, directed by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – the VCCI, the Internet Expo 2021 event was live on the V360 virtual stage, attracting 10,000 attendees with 350 virtual booths with products in all sectors and industries. The exhibition will take place in 3 days- from October 29 to October 31, 2021, with a full of exciting activities including 10 seminars, 06 trading sessions, 06 Livestream sessions, 01 special Talkshow session, and closing with a grand Honoring Ceremony. It is not only a great opportunity for trading and connecting with Vietnamese businesses but also with international businesses, which will certainly deserve the choice of the companion of businesses and the trust of the business community.


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