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A powerful Queen Nguyen Quynh Trang – Owner of Trang Jolie Beauty & Spa brand

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June 20, 2018

Catering the healthcare and beauty demands for Vietnamese with 2 spa and fashion brand YSG (Your Style Group), after opening vocational training classes, offering more job opportunities for hundred of unlucky women, with a magical ability and strong minded our young businesswomen Quynh Trang has successfully influenced other people. In order to achieve those success. Her career path was filled with her completed effort to overcome obstacles.

Build her career with bare hands  – Either in financial and experiences

With an ambition to have a self-owned business since she was a child to escape her poor life in her small town, our young lady Quynh Trang has decided to quit college, with her “bare hands”, she settled her career in Ha Noi with her dedication to chase the dream “learn a luxury career”.

Untill now, she has clarified that, that is her biggest decision, filled with difficulties but in general it was a right one to make. Till the present, when undertaking huge project, that old story was still the most pressure to her. “That moment and till now, every one still think that education is the only way to success. However, my thinking is different, I chose life. My parents tried to deny my thinking, my friends laugh at me. Thus, I have struggle with my mind but still I decided to quit college to settle my own career’ she shared.

Young businesswomen Nguyen Quynh Trang – Owner of Trang Jolie Beauty & Spa. She is also Sales Manager of Your Style Group

“The great treats the clumsy”,  is that true?

The statement above says the clumsy is lucky living in a comfortable condition, instead of working hard for earning money. However, is that true with Trang when she is “a clumsy” and poor, and even dont have any knowledge about her career.

To earn money for college, Trang worked in a pho store on Truc Bach street. After a long time, her boss realised that her little dream and support her to go and learn in a reputable beauty clinic in Ha Noi. Went to college in the morning and worked in the pho store in the evening to trade for a place to sleep and having dinner. Though struggling with life, she was never give up her dream to “open a self owned business”.

After a while, she has first time tried to run a cosmetic store but has failed, because her product sources was unstable and since lacking of experiences, her sources were frequently replaced in the custom. Challenges followed by challenges, struggling in taking care for hersefl and her brother who is in college at that moment, Trang risked her money into fashion products. Luckily, she made sales and gain a desirable financial sources to cover her families. After many years of being successful, she started to open a spa but has failed. Past experience with strong passion, she decided to open another spa, with a careful step, she expands her business beyond to open training classes.

Haven’t stop with that passion, she decided to build her own brand with Ms Kim Sy  Your Style Group (YSG), reflecting a place to care for your images, and your style matching with the Slogan “Elegant and Cozy”. YSG helps you to be more professional – a 21st century professional style.

God nevers forget anyone, with her full passion, after launching her new branch “Trang Jolie Beauty & Spa”, many services suit with the demands gain the attention from women. Step by step, she expands her business, and open more branches in Yen Hoa, Cau Giay district to cater the need for beauty in a more high-end segment. Unforget her first wish “To help the unlucky people like her”, her old branch was maintaining well and focus in deliver training for people to offer them job opportunities, and stable life, especially people who have special cases.

At Trang Jolie Beauty & Spa, being heard about other people concerns and worrries about the low quality and unhealthy cosmetics in the market. After a long time collaborating with the most prestigious Dermatologist association in Vietnam, proving the quality via experiences from the scientists.  This narrows the cosmetic options and ensure the Dermatology products will be completely ultilised for our women daily skin problems, stay away from vulnerable products.

With an aim to focus on health and cosumers right, services in Trang Jolie Beauty & Spa has gained a  lot of positive feedbacks from our consumers.


The photo of Ms Quynh Trang was beautiful in the contest Dat Viet business Queen 2017

Spread out the passion to thousands of Vietnamese women

Looking back her career path and identification, from a farm girl that moved from a countryside to the capital for career settlement, Ms Trang’s story motivates us to do business more confidently, although there would be so many obstacles, if you are really try and into what you do, and on the right path, the result will come. Ms Trang won’t stop at that, she will continue her mission to bring more beauty products for Vietnamese women, more importantly this would help women to be independent in finance, time, and enjoy their lives more happily.

Success comes after success, talented of a girl has inspired for women. Recently, Quynh Trang has been nominated the award of “Dat Viet Business Queen 2017”.

Once again, after being asked about the reason about making career decisions in beauty industry, Trang admitted that “ I chose this industry, because this is my dream, this is such an elegant field, more importantly this is my interest, my passion. There is no success for the clumsy who do nothing. Every thing is from our love, passion and strength.

Beside the mission in bringing beauty product for Vietnamese women, Nguyen Quynh Trang pays attention to open vocational trainning classes, deliver more jobs opportunities , enhance people independence level in finance, time, and more happy life.

By Nguyen Hoang


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