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Chairman – CEO of ECOLOO Group – Mr Imad Agi represents for Swedish entrepreneurs – “Top 100 Business Style Awards 2018 will open the doors for investors and business people to collaborate”

By namhuongsuper

January 18, 2018

Chairman – CEO of ECOLOO Group representing for Swedish entrepreneurs delivered assessments about vision and mission of Top 100 Business Style Awards 2018 when attending as a speaker of this event.

Could you please share with us about your present business area?

ECOLOO Group is a leading Swedish-Malaysian GREEN innovation company. We develop, build and market unique & patented innovations and environmental solutions.

What is your business philosophy? What are the advantages/strengths of your company?

ECOLOO’s Award Winning Solutions are based on the principals of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility and economic viability.

Our patented eco-social innovation toilet system ECOLOO is odourless, waterless, sewage free, energy free & maintenance free.

Could you please share some difficulies that you have to faced with in business, and how you overcomed them?

The initial challenges we have faced in this respect are related to lack of awareness and education related to WASH issues.

In order to overcome that challenge we started providing whole solutions, instead of just selling products and services. Our solutions come with awareness & education, passion and motivation to change the world and make it a better place adapting inclusive social business model.

Our contributions to the society, health and environment have been recognized as iconic and strategic by the United Nations, Impact Hub, UNIDO, GEF, MaGIC, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SingularityU, World CSR Congress Council in India, World Invention and Innovation Forum in China, China Tourist Association & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among others.

To date, we received the following Awards, Prizes and Recognitions:

:: ‘Best Public Sector Project’ Award for Environmental Management in the Islamic World 2017 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

:: Top 10 Global Innovators & Solution Providers on Global Challenges at Solutions Summit 2016 to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – United Nations Foundation, USA

:: Impact Driven Enterprise Accreditation (IDEA) 2017 by Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre ‘MaGIC’ – Malaysia

:: World Invention and Innovation Forum 2017 Gold Medal – China

:: Excellence Award 2017 by Lebanese Innovators Society – Lebanon

:: Global CleanTech Innovation Program Sustainability Award 2016 by UNIDO, GEF & MIGHT – USA & Malaysia

:: Toilet Technology Overseas Excellence Award 2016 by CNTA & BMGF – China

:: Mercy Mission Stewardship 2016 Award – Mercy Mission – Malaysia

:: Not Impossible Health Care Category 2016 Award for the Most Life-Altering Inventions of 2016 that Positively Impact the Way People Live – USA

:: 50 Most Impactful Green Leaders 2016 – India

:: Global Green Future Leadership 2016 Award – India

:: World Women Inventors & Entrepreneurs Association Special Prize 2015 – Korea

:: World Invention and Innovation Forum 2015 Silver Medal – China

EcoLoo on Facebook :: Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award 2015 – India

:: Global Sustainability Leadership Award 2014 – India

Your plans, intention for the company’s development in the future?

Primary Objective

To make ECOLOO a global brand and a must to have for all households in remote areas, tourist attraction, UN procurement for disaster relief and refugee camps among others.


We have identified a validated market subsegment in the following areas:

1. Off grid houses / floating houses / low cost houses / public toilets.

2. Municipalities & Rural Government.

3. UNESCO Heritage Areas & Pilgrimage Areas.

4. Slum, Urban Schools & Households.

5. NGOs & Disaster Relief Centres.

6. Refugees Camps.

7. Rural schools, refugee camps, factories and disaster relief centres as this will lead to disastrous water, sanitation and health issues followed by environmental and economic issues.

8. Boat, ferry, bus and railway operators especially for long distance. Because the chemical toilets are difficult to be maintained, most sludge is released quietly in the street, river or sea.

Which business areas are you prefer to connect with in Viet Nam market?

Municipalities for rural and urban development, tourism, WASH sector (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene), developers and NGOs, distributors and business people who are open minded and passionate about WASH issues and environment.

What do you think about the topic “Digital technology & sharing economy” of Top 100 International Business Style Award this year? What are your expectations of the Honor Ceremony of Top 100 International Business Style Awards 2018?

The topic is very interesting and it is important to highlight the benefits of sharing economy which are changing our way of living and thinking. I have much input on that topic if desired.

My expectations of the Honor Ceremony of Top 100 Business Style Awards 2018 are:

– Social and business global networking opportunities which will open the doors for investors and business people to collaborate.

– It will promote Vietnam in particular and Asean in general attracting international people whether they are business people, investors or tourists.

– It will give appreciation to the awarded people/companies and encourage them to work harder with more motivation and passion to achieve higher goals.

– The results gained from matchmaking and investments will have positive impact on the local economy of which will be reflected on the Vietnamese citizens in general and on the BoPs in particular in terms of work and business opportunities, and will hopefully also create circular and/or sharing economy for the benefits of environment, BoPs and our precious limited resources.


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