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The collection of “Love Season“ by The Shining Queen Kathy Hương has been launched at Lady Luxury Night event

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April 23, 2018

In the last 29/1, at Star Galaxy, The Shining Queen Kathy Hương was presented at Lady Luxury Night the 4th gala of Wlin Ha Noi under the role of special designer for “Love Season” collection. Having the very first experience in this area, but “Love Season” has made a significant  impression to over 300 guests, partners and presenters from the entire nation.

The Gala party celerating the 4th birthday of Wlin Ha Noi is an anual event that is carried out by the end of the year, marking the development of International Women Leaders in Vietnam. This is a summit reflecting the past journey experience of Wlin Ha Noi, in order to nominating the top female leaders, and individuals who made outstanding contribution to the development of Wlin over the past year. In Ha Noi, Wlin Vietnam has reached the 4th ceremony with an outstanding effort by opening 5 new clubs with over 200 members contributing.

The Shining Queen  Kathy Hương was in a glowing and shimmering outfit designed by herself

Besides hundreds of presents come from 50 sponsors with the value over one billion Vietnam dong, the night party also deliver a sincered grattitude towards the female leaders via the show of night dress, and charming ao dai show has triggered a great satisfaction amongst the audience. Those beautiful leaders dressing in the fashion designed by our great Wlin Ha Noi members, they were the most decent gifts raised by Mrs Thu Hương – President and Founder of Wlin VietNam.

Bringing the idea of gala dress, and ao dao in to the 4th ceremony of Wlin Ha Noi is the concept planned by Mrs Thu Hương in order to highlight the outstanding beauty and intelligence from our leaders

The opening part of Lady Luxury Night was a fashion show from our female leaders in Wlin Pro club. In a theme of elegant and in the spirit of the night gala, they were the main purpose of “Love season” show from of the Shining Queen – our Vice President of Wlin Pro – Kathy Huong has decided to be our vedet. Being a well-known and experienced make-up artist in Ha Thanh, now Kathy Huong refreshes herself in a new role. And today, this beautiful business woman was really successful in capturing the attention from our guests from the first glance.

Designer Kathy Huong and her beautiful girl in the evening dress in her “Love season” show. The appearance of the mother and daughter created a lovely, and significance for the event. This might be a special gift this beautiful business woman sent to her daughter after a long time launching and directing the Prince and Princess Academy – the ancient Hanoi city.

The Season of Love is inspired by the story of Kathy Huong. She said: “I was honored to receive the title of Women’s Leader of Powerful Women in 2017, I found that women are not only” good at watering, doing housework, “but also beautiful flowers, brave, dare to express themselves on stage. So, this collection is a gift that I want to honor their perfect beauty – the women I love and appreciate in the club where I live. ” In addition to giving business women the best gowns, Kathy Huong also appeared as a sponsor of Lady Luxury Night. Beauties bring a very meaningful gift by his own design is 2 sets of evening dress valued at 20 million vnd.

Businesswoman Kathy Huong is also the sponsor of Lady Luxury Night. NTK sponsored 2 dresses cost 20 million by yourself designed

With the main theme of Red associating with 3D lace  was manually attached with crystal, arnical and imported gem stones … is completely by hand, that is why it is easy to understand why Kathy Huong’s love season has garnered attention from the guests and helped business women stand out, shining on the stage from the first catwalk. BST  season love is released in late January as a stepping stone for February – the month of love, the month of fullness, full will be filled with memorable moments

Young designer Kathy Huong and World Runner Nguyen Thu Huong

A bit of power, a little more gentle, seductive and most important is the confidence to stride to shine, is the spirit that Kathy Huong wants to send in her first BST. The young businesswomen says she is completely convinced and satisfied with the spirit that her “models” show in the collection. With the enthusiasm of the business community at the event, it was Kathy Huong’s motivation to launch her own collections, beautify the flowers full of flavor.

Collection as a gift that young businesswoman wants to send to honor the beauty of the women Kathy Hương loves and gratitude in the club Wlin Pro activities

In the coming Lunar New Year, businesswoman will open the second branch of Kathy Fashion fashion brand after the main base at No 4 – Cong Duc – Hang Ma – Ha Noi . Another good news for those who are interested, support Kathy Huong over the last time that she will cooperate with beautiful businesswoman Thu Nguyen in Wlin VietNam opened Kathy Fashion 3rd branch. Kathy Fashion Director Thu Nguyen will definitely bring this brand closer to the fashion community. Congratulations, especially Kathy Huong will soon conquer and create the trend of dressing the Vietnamese and always the Queen shine on all beauty markets of Vietnam.

Kathy Huong with young businesswoman Thu Nguyen. Businesswoman Thu Nguyen will co-operate with Kathy Huong to open Kathy Fashion’s third branch in Hanoi

The collection of Kathy Huong

By: Nguyen Hoang

Photo by: Khuat Duy Nghia


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