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Enjoying a spectacular Fashion Show performed by WLIN ladies with the collection from Huong Trinh

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April 24, 2018

On  21.4, the night fashow show “Secret” by Huong Trinh designer has been officially undertaken at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet, Ha Noi. It was significantly capturing the exclusive attention from the media as well as fashion fans across nation.

Huong Trinh designer

The event has attracted hundreds of popular deisgners, stylists from famous Vietnamese and international fashion brands, with numerous guests were invited.

The collection of Huong Trinh designer  has a full essence of modern, romantic aura and elite from the Western fashion, it is catering the young adult segment, the global future leaders.

Huong Trinh designer has revealed that she has a strong passion in fashion, and a dedication in spotting out the fashion gap amongst middle ages women generation.

“Many times I have heard that many businesswomen complaining that they are too busy to research about the fashion trends, even to go shopping for themselves. Also, being stucked in the wide ranges of brands, and an ever-changing trends make people feel confusing about fashion. Even they cant feel confident with their Chanel, Dior…outfits, which usually cost them from a few to hundreds of million dong. Therefore, I have set forward my mission to make our woment become more and more beautiful, being more confident and more flexible. With an outstanding philosophies combining between an outfit that suits for doing any activities from office work to meeting, conferences, and even that is also cater the need for party. This multi-purposes outfit, all in one, that is a demand of every women in this world.”


Insprired by the luxury, arrogance from the Royal French aristocacy  from the beginning of 20th century, associating with the “liberal and fashionable” styles. Once again, Huong Trinh has claimed that : True fashion is not about brands, or trademarks. It is coming from your inner soul!”

Huong Trinh Collection is a young, highly creative brand with an all new style compared to the Royal French aristocacy. Since the targeting segment is ladies, especially business women from the age of 38 to 40, therefore the “Secret” Collection implies a simplicity, elegant, but convenience in a way that offer multi-purposes, no matter where and when they are going to.

Huong Trinh designer is well-known for the role of President of Vietnamese businesswomen.  tịch CLB Nữ Doanh Nhân Việt, Phó Chủ tịch Wlin Capital – (Women Leader Internatinal Network) – WLIN Ha Noi, a place of businesswomen, famous and powerful ladies in our nation. Huong Trinh designer has been involved in numerous social events, and charity for the unlucky people in the society.

The products from “Secret” collection bring out the simplicity, and elegant, but still providing multi-purposes and convenience no matter places and time.

Currently, “Secret” collection is a foundation and has been expecting to establish a Beauty contest for businesswomen and going to be undertaken at the end of this year in Canada. The host of this contest have sent some representative to certify, and they totally approve with the designing team and officially invite Huong Trinh to be the main designer and sponsor for this event.

In this occasion, together with the “Secret” collection in 2018, Huong Trinh Collection will soon enter the global fashion industry. Have been claiming to devote all of her passion and dedication toward the people in the foreign countries, those who have great interest in Huong Trinh collection.

The images below are from “Secret” Collection:

By: Nguyen Hoang


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