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Mr. Kelvin Tan – CEO & Founder of Colour Cosmetic Distribution & Manufacturing – “the digital technology is allowing old and new organisations to scale at a rapid pace while allowing boundless opportunities for cross border trades”

By namhuongsuper

January 22, 2018

Representing Malaysian entrepreneurs participating in Top International Business Style Awards 2018, Mr. Iko in – Founder  of In Publishers Sdn Bhd gave his statement about the hottest topic “Digital Technology & Sharing Economy” in this program.

Could you please share with us about your present business area?

We are in the Beauty space where we develop our own brand under the trade name UB Cosmetics & Lip & Co. We also assist other International brands to manufacture their products.

What is your business philosophy? What are the advantages/strengths of your company?

We believe that sustainability would be the core principle that builds our foundation.

Every decision that we make must ensure that there is a healthy economic balance and the respect of 3 key areas which is people, the care of the planet and profitability . Our strength lies in the agility that enables us to adapt to the rapid changes in the business world especially in this digital era.

Could you please share some difficulies that you have to faced with in business, and how you overcomed them?

When we initially started exporting to different territories, we had to familiarised with every region’s compliance and trade regulations. Although that was challenging, we were able to overcome it through identifying and leveraging on reliable regulatory agencies.

Could you name some achievements that both individual and the company have gained in your business? Your contribution to the society?

Having being nominated as one of the Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneurs in Malaysia, I feel that I am able to help other startups by sharing my experiences as well as knowledge in various startup communities that I am involved in.

For the Company – Exceeding our sales projection by 400% as well as launching in more than 10 countries in Europe, UK, US, Canada and Australia, this has been attributed to hard and dedicated work.

As for our contributions, Supporting marginalised and displaced communities in Malaysia through fund raising efforts as well as People and Children living with HIV/AIDS. What we receive we definitely believe in giving back.

Your plans, intention for the company’s development in the future?

We hope to expand within the Asian Region and collaborate with NGOs to provide opportunities for marginalised communities via social enterprising efforts so that they are able to integrate and start building their lives again.

Which business areas are you prefer to connect with in Viet Nam market?

Beauty Retailers, E-commerce Platforms, Beauty Brand Owners and Chain Stores.

What do you think about the topic “Digital technology & sharing economy” of Top 100 International Business Style Award this year? What are your expectations of the Honor Ceremony of Top 100 International Business Style Awards 2018?

Asia is fast becoming the center of digital innovation for the world, accounting for half of the world’s total 2.8 billion Internet users, therefore this topic is extremely relevant. Being in a growth-driven world economy, the digital technology is allowing old and new organisations to scale at a rapid pace while allowing boundless opportunities for cross border trades. The digital technology is also allowing easier access to data & analytics to opportunistically make sound decisions in their businesses.

My expectation would be to network and exchange ideas with Industries other than my own as well as establishing worthy contacts.

Thank you for sharing!

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