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Mr. Shekhar Bhusannavar – Founder & CEO of Blue Ocean Company Ltd – “Almost every industry is affected, positively , by the digitization and changing business models, towards sharing economy”

By namhuongsuper

January 19, 2018

With the role of nominee of Top 100 International Business Style awards 2018, Mr. Shekhar Bhusannavar – Founder & CEO of Blue Ocean Company Ltd delivered his point of view about this hottest topic “Digital Technology & Sharing Economy”.

Could you please share with us about your present business area?

Blue Ocean Company (BOC) , helps Organizations in improving the experience of its stakeholders, like Employees, Customers, Investors, Suppliers, etc.. to increase the profitability & productivity.

What is your business philosophy? What are the advantages/strengths of your company?

When you wow a person, he/she will get more engaged with you & that will lead to more productivity, business, revenues, profits, etc,,

BOC has a set of tools, solutions & services that enhance your stakeholders’ experience with Organizations, thereby leading to increased productivity & profitability. These solutions are cost effective, easy to implement & have instant return on investments. The target segments are SME to large Organizations in SEA.

Could you please share some difficulies that you have to faced with in business, and how you overcomed them?

Organizations still think the services, especially the Consulting are intangible and don’t want to pay. We use the references & credentials with other Organizations to convince them about the benefits of your solutions.

Could you name some achievements that both individual and the company have gained in your business? Your contribution to the society?

I have been working with HCMC, Vietnam since 1997 and successfully delivered results in various roles such as Business Development Director, Operations Director, Chief Marketing Officer & CEO in various industries such as Software, Call Center, BPO, KPO, Digital Banks & Management Consulting Services.

BOC has been helping SMEs and Vietnamese Managers to achieve their true potential via scientific evaluation of their current situation and embark on a development plan.

Your plans, intention for the company’s development in the future?

BOC plans to add more products & services that will enable the Organizations in SEA to be more agile, adaptive & resilient for the changes that keep disrupting the markets. Keep them future ready.

Which business areas are you prefer to connect with in Viet Nam market?

IT, Software, Consulting solutions that have potential in SEA.

What do you think about the topic “Digital technology & sharing economy” of Top 100 International Business Style Award this year? What are your expectations of the Honor Ceremony of Top 100 International Business Style Awards 2018?

It is a great topic. Almost every industry is affected, positively , by the digitization and changing business models, towards sharing economy. Thus a very timely topic, to all participants to get updated to the current trends and future outlook.

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