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Mrs Le Thu Loc – A businesswomen who have great passion in the WLIN development

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May 30, 2018

Women Leaders International Networking (WLIN) is a network for our women leaders and communal society having desire for cooperation, development and expand relationship national and international.

In  2018, besides the development of WLIN, Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – CEO of Women Leaders International Network, also prioritizes the trademark licensing to other national region with other WLIN Partner – Director of 3 WLIN clubs within the region and unlimited WLIN Partner.

Being among the first member who buy the trademark and development approach WLIN in Vietnam, Mrs Le Thu Loc – General Director of International Cosmetic – Medical, CEO of WLIN Pro and currently she is a passionate, proactive WLIN Partner in the Northern Region. To understand her motives in associating with WLIN in the brand expansion across nation, here is our interview with Mrs Le Thu Loc.

Hello Mrs, could you please share about your current business?

Right now, I have a business in Pharmaceutical – Cosmetic. The International Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical have been establishes on March 16th 2003 untill now in these following fields:

– Manufacture and sell chemicals – Selling cosmetics

– Multi-function food

– Chemicals

– Antibacterial chemical for hospital

To operate more effectively, the company has been struggled with many challenges. Building up a strong relationship from customers and maintaining a good reputation. Our company has our own strength as well as distinctive value.

Mrs Runner-up Le Thu Loc – A passionate women who have strong desire to the development of Women Leaders International Network

Having known that you have joined WLIN for a while, any things brought you to WLIN? How do you feel about being a member of WLIN?

I have known about WLIN through my partner. She introduced me about the WLIN founder – Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong – a beautiful, a spiritual and intelligent women, being a successful women both in business and family. The WLIN community is very professional, there was a national wide network of successful and talented businesswomen. While being a part of this club, it offers me chances to communicate and connect with other businesswomen from many other countries, I have gained good insights and experiences from them. Through over weekly meeting, I have sharpened my physical and emotional values. I feel lucky for myself from being a part of our WLIN Vietnam community.

Is that the reason why you have decided to buy the license to become a WLIN Partner?

I have two reasons to come to this decision, as I have mentioned, as having a long time being attached to WLIN, thanks to this network, I have new opportunities, new friends. I also a person who have an enternal flame in whatever I do. Thus I decided to buy the WLIN framework and development license.

What you expect from being a WLIN Partner?

I hope that I will enlarge the network much wider and stronger, giving our women more chances to identify themself, to help each other in doing business ans they will receive the same value like I did from WLIN.

After becoming WLIN Partner, are you planning any strategies to develop WLIN?

I will construct more framework for example WLIN Pro in Hai Phong – WLIN Pro in Vinh Phuc – Thai Nguyen – Thanh Hoa – Bac Giang – Nam DInh … and continue to expand the network in Ha Noi.

WLIN Pro will have more businessman from diversed backgrounds – after joining the WLIN, you will realise there are so much opportunities to communicate, network and share values with others…

What are your vision and mission in WLIN Vietnam brand development and WLIN global?

With the everchanging development today, maybe in the next 5 -10 years WLIN will be strongest community in the world. The target of Mrs Thu Loc in developing WLIN within the North is building and controlling WLIN PRO club in the provinces.

Thank you for your sharing, hope your plan will be substantially achieved!


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