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Ms Nguyễn Gia Bảo – The owner of BB Smart Decor – “Producing a 3D design within only half of the day by utilizing her artificial intelligence”

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April 20, 2018

Nowadays, words such as : “ Digital”, “Industry 4.0” or “artificial intelligence” are no longer being considered as strange words to many people. Thus, Women Leaders International Forum 2018 has decided the title of “Women Leaders and Digital Industry“ for this talkshow in order to exchange ideas and carrying out discussion with female leaders coming from many countries around the world. Within the field of Furniture Industry, the representative for Viet Nam in the talkshow was Ms Nguyễn Gia Bảo – The owner of BB Smart Decor.

Having a very distinctive personal characteristic and having many years working experience in foreign countries, Ms Nguyễn Gia Bảo has a very clever strategies in approaching the world’s latest highly advanced technology. Having good knowledges about the standards and restriction in Consumers Health Protection in goods and services including furniture, and also catching up with the evolution of Industry 4.0, Ms Nguyễn Gia Bảo has been offering “clean” and “smart”, matching with the Western standard to Vietnam, to cater the increasing demands from the consumers at the moment.

Ms Nguyễn Gia Bảo – The owner of BB Smart Decor

The present in Women Leaders International Forum 2018 with the role of representative, Ms Nguyễn Gia Bảo revealed that, in order to catch up with the evolutionary of Industry 4.0, she has been to many places, tried to learn and explore the world latest update technology advancement in furniture industry. Therefore, after receiving the invitation to the event ‘Women Leaders International Forum 2018’ and the ‘Top 50 Woment Leaders in ASEAN 2018’ , with the title “Women Leaders and Digital Industry”, she has agreed to share the story how BB Smart Decor have been approaching technological application in to their products and how their products differentiation are increasing the competitiveness amongst the  rivals.

Ms. Nguyen Gia Bao shared the topic of “Women Deaders and Digital Industry”

Ms. Gia Bao pointed out a fact, for the traditional way as now, when you want to build a house, from the selection of architects, designers, choose the right concept until the final drawing will It takes about 1-2 months. But we can not know how the end product came out. Understanding the concerns of customers with the personality does not hesitate to approach the difficult medium in technology and hard work, Ms. Gia Bao has BB Smart Decor software to 3D Home to Vietnam. This is a design software that integrates artificial intelligence, combined with furniture designers from Italy. Therefore, from the design stage to the finished product is completely accurate, there are no errors.

She is also one of the outstanding faces to be honored for Top 50 Female Pacific Asia Pacific Leaders in 2018

The founder of BB Smart Decor also explains that designers will first draw and module, then integrate into 3D home design software. This software is like a lego warehouse, customers just choose the lego equivalent to the furniture you want to put your home. Besides, customers just tell the design unit know how many people in the family, the software will show the use of each product in accordance with each person. Before going into production, customers will be able to experience by the VR glass to see the reality of their home, look at the colors they have chosen when standing in real space has been harmonized, and virtual images that customers see in the VR will also be the image of real home in real life, without errors. “It is something that if using manual designs will never do,” Nguyen Gia Bao confirmed.

BB Smart Decor received the “Best Brand of WLIN’s Choice”

Besides the application of technology, Gia Bao business people are very interested in the safety of furniture because it is the item that we are exposed to every day. But most of the furniture on the market today contains formaldehyde, a toxic substance that can cause cancer. So she decided to find out, establish relationships to be able to bring “clean” furniture to Vietnamese consumers. BB Smart Decor is proud to commit to all of its products that do not contain harmful substances to humans, which is the meaning of the word “clean” in the company’s philosophy.

With all the facilities that BB Smart Decor offers to its customers, the ability to integrate smart technology, namely artificial intelligence into the design of interior products, the health care of consumers., … Nguyen Gia Bao is one of the few entrepreneurs today have caught up the trend of integrating technology in the business, creating a competitive advantage with competitors in the same field. . Her share in the International Women Leaders Forum 2018 received high praise and support from female and foreign leaders present at the event; This has created a multi-dimensional and objective view for guests to approach the theme of “Women leaders and digital economy.”

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