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Businessman Ly Truong Chien “Leader Talk – Leaders’ Bookshelf networking businessmen and young generation”

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May 23, 2018

The event Leader Talk – Leaders’ Bookshelf on last 19th May, Businessman Ly Truong Chien – Senior Consultor – CEO of Tri Tri Group has been excited and bring his favorited book to SNA students titled “The Ten Commandments of Life”

Sequenced in the series of Top 100 Business Style 2018 -2019 event, the Leader Talk – Leaders’ bookshelf has brought the right mission in networking, providing occassion for the students to interact and communicate with businessmen, from that stimulating their enthusiasm, constructing a strong foundation for their dreams.

The businessmen communicate to each other

The way he presented early in the event reflecting his engagement to the students. In the event he has shared to the guests and the students that : “Being a book lover, he loves reading a variety of books, with a diversed categories , I have realised that each book has different characteristic accordingly. By attending this event, I has brought 2 books, which are “The Ten Commandments of Life”. From my experience, all of the children here, especially Vietnamese children are confused with life, even the children who receive high quality education. they are still have so many confusion regarding to their career path, and ways to success…. However, as soon as reading this book, the students will learn how to love, how to think more cognitively, how to chase their dreams and never give up, how to be kind, respect and know to release discouragement. So that, we would realise our true passion and understand how to achieve them”.

Mr Ly Trương Chien shared the meaning of his book

Mr Ly Truong Chien revealed his support with the event Leaders’ Bookshelf and created opportunity for the past generation to share their thoughts, to listen to other speeches, by this event, we could revive the reading culture, since this is the only way to enhance our knowledges to become more socialised.

Our leaders captured the great moment together



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