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CEO of ANHDAO Plaza – Luong Thi Nu – A businesswoman who devotes her life to communal activities

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June 21, 2018

Being successful in doing business in foreign market and continuing to develop within the country, businesswoman Luong Thi Nu – CEO of ANHDAO Plaza – CEO of Mazda Hai Duong has identified herself as a new era businesswoman: talented, strong, and devoted.

When anyone looking at her, the only thing they could recognize is “success”, only a few people understand that there were so many things to pay off in order to become “successfull”, the first days of starting business. Those struggling days has increased many more times when a woman decided to enter a foreign market, businesswoman Luong Thi Nu is one amongst those.

During years working and learning in Russia and Germany, observing there were so many people who have been devoting so much of their effort and achieve success, she has doubted that: Why they can do that, but not me? Since then she was truly made full investment in her learning, gaining more insight, and began to build up strong foundation for her success in Technology Commerce, cars and the brand ANHDAO Plaza with ANHDAO restaurant branching in Germany. After more than 10 years building up stability in foreign country, Ms Luong Thi Nu has decided to come back to Vietnam to continue to conquering a new journey. Using the thought, living and working like a German, and always devote great contribution and passion in work, she has continued to be successful with Mazda Showroom in Hai Duong.

Businesswoman Luong Thi Nu always motivates and inspires her employees to work harder. Adding great energy with great confidence in devoting great energy and being assertive in doing business: “Only sell the real products even earning low profit”, if we treat our customer with our heart they will treat us with respect and long term commitment” – she shared.

Not only be a successful businesswoman, Ms Luong Thi Nu is a kind-heart woman who always toward the community by doing volunteer jobs for unlucky people “Always doing the right things”.

With those beautiful practices she brings to Women Leaders International Network – WLIN and recent days she has decided to become WLIN Partner by acquiring franchise strategy and approach to help other women to become successful in life and have a happy life. We have a small conversation with Ms Luong Thi Nu to be more understable about her expectation and prospective from being a WLIN Partner.

Hi Miss, what brings you to WLIN? And what does WLIN mean to you?

I have met Mrs World Thu Huong – a WLIN founder one time we collaborate in Da Nang, I have been impressed by her youth, passionate, happiness in doing business. From that I have research about WLIN and realise this is a crucial community for women who want to be successful in her work, family and in life.

What motivate you to become WLIN Partner in Hai Duong?

I am a learner who have great desire in learning, and after I join the network, and change mind and concept in doing business, that is why I decided to become a WLIN Partner in order to help more women to have greater chance to grow and success.

What are your strategies to develop WLIN?

I will expand WLIN so that to enhance more networking place for my Hai Duong members  , offering them more chances to network with partners from foreign countries.

What are your expectation from being a WLIN Partner?

I hope that my contribution will motivate other members to live more happily and successfully.

What are your  thought about the developmental strategies of WLIN Vietnam and WLIN Global?

I hope that in the nearest time, WLIN will have more partner from every cities in Vietnam and every countries on Earth, thus our members can gain more business parttners and improve their business worldwide.

Thanks for your sharing, wishing that your coming project will be more and more successfull!



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