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Diamond Queen Hanh Kimmy becomes WLIN Partner of WLIN Vietnam

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June 5, 2018

Recently in Ha Noi there was a Signing Ceremony of WLIN Vietnam with 5 key partners in Ha Noi. The event was attracted the attention from over 100 businessmen – enterprises accross the nation.

Hanh Kimmy – A brave leader of Kimmy Group

Hanh Kimmy is a beautiful and successful woman in Vietnamese beauty industry. Has been known as CEO of Kimmy Group – Importing products, the world top technological machinery: Meiya, Japanese Hakii high-end cosmetic products, Korean Lainous technology to Vietnam. Although in the 6th years of operating, her enormous fortune is a branch of over 100 products line, hundreds of wholesalers and spa across nation.     

In 2015, under the support odd Kimmy Group, TYT Dai Thanh Investment – Manufacture – Commercial Company was bornt, distributing RUIKD high-tech beauty machine: Laser Rebeam, Laser Q – Switch ND YAG, CO2, Fons,… These machines are produced by Korean Standard. In particular in 2017, the brand remarked the new development of seeweed program from Korea….

But it seems the road to conquer the beauty market has never been enough for Nguyen Hanh. “I’m passionate about being in the field of beauty, it seems to me that it’s never enough. That is why every year my daughter often spend 2-3 months in the country with the beauty industry developed to consult, study, directly experience the new technology to make choices. suitable for Vietnam market. In 2018 we also went to Korea to attend the largest exhibition of technology for the beauty industry. And I set myself the pressure of change and be able to bring the beauty to the consumer “

Become a Wlin Partner strategic partner of Wlin Vietnam

Passionate beauty, but she is a heart full of enthusiasm for community activities. As the General Director of Kimmy Group, this unit organizes programs to donate and support scholarships for children in the uplands. In particular, in 2018, Anh Hạnh Kimmy decided to become a strategic partner of Wlin Vietnam by launching Wlin Diamond – a club belonging to the International Women’s Network led by runner-up Thu Huong.

“I have been with Wlin Capital for two years as the vice president of the event. I find this is a very human model that brings good values ​​to all the women who are engaged in the market. We have the house to meet and connect business. More from this environment, we have a strong personal development as well as business development. That’s why I want to become a Wlin Partner to bring better things to the women around me. “

Believing that Wlin Diamond under the direction of a passionate and passionate entrepreneur will increasingly attract the participation of many members, spreading great value to the community. And wish you even more success in this new role.



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