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DR. Do Manh Cuong “The event Leaders’ Bookshelf raises the passion for reading books from the young generation”

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May 25, 2018

The Leader Talk – Leaders’ Bookshelf event was carried out at the School of North America, SNA on 19th of May, 2018 attracting the interest from hundreds of businessmen participated, amongst that there was Dr Do Manh Cuong – Ministry of Education, Education Manager of Nguyen Hoang Group was there to give books to our students, and also shared his concerns about the issue about the development of the future generation.

Reading is a good way to learn more effectively, the more books we read, the better cognitive thinking we have, thus the Leader Talk – Leaders’ Bookshelf event is there to provide more chances to students to know about many valuable books around us. At the same time, the present and direct interaction with our businessmen, the students have more chances to learn about the great experiences that are essential in order to prepare for their coming future.   

Dr Do Manh Cuong shared his book

Being the most engaged member of this event, Dr Do Manh Cuong has shared great ideas about the true value of this event. “The developed countries nowsaday, though having great advancement technology, they still love reading books, they read on the train, on the beach,…. So how about our children? They always ask for devices to relax in their leisure time, this is not a good habit. Learning should always goes with reading, reading books is for entertaining, enhancing logical thinking, to make a smart and educated judgement. Thus it helps to construct a strong fundamental, to distincguish betwwen right and wrong, know how to think more objectively, doing so will help you to live more generous and happy”.

Coming to the event, Dr Do Manh Cuong share the students the book “The leader”, from his sharing, this book help us to realise our value, mission of being a leader, how to encourage other… and he hope after the children receiving the books, they would love it and can find their true passion in life.

The students were fascinated by the new book

Besides that, Dr Do Manh Cuong also gave a thankful speech to the Top 100 Internation Business Style Network – BSIN , has created an exciting playground and offer chances to enhance knowledges. He also hope the event will develop further in the future.



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