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Entrepreneur Amanda Aida Atan – Founder of VIBES Mastery – Businesswoman who stands behind the success of many women

By namhuongsuper

March 14, 2018

Nowadays, with the on-going development and change of economy, the success or failure of a company can change in just one blink of an eye. But in Singapore, there is an entrepreneur who has not only created great accomplishments for herself and her company, but also helped other businesses grow together, bringing jobs to many women during her 12 years of operation. Reporter of wlin.vn had a conversation with businesswoman Amanda Aida Atan, who is one of the Top 50 Asia-Pacific Women Leaders in 2018.

Could you please introduce a little bit about yourself? (Name, job title and current position)

My name is Amanda Aida Atan also known as Coach AA. Principal Coach, Sales & Emotional Intelligence Trainer – VIBES Mastery Success Academy, Founder & Franchisor – VIBES Gold Vending Retail, Sales Ambassador (Asia Pacific) The First Group – Dubai Hotel Investment, Brand Strategist & Business Advisor – ProFuse Synergy World, Published Author, Award Winner – Promising Business Enterprise – Asia Pacific 2015.

Could you please share with us about your present business field? How was your entrepreneurial path?

Over the past 12 years, I have worked with more than 500 business owners from various industries. However, since 2010, my passion has grown in training and coaching micro-business, turning more than 400 enterprises into money-making brands. In 2015, I created a mind-shift program namely VIBES Mastery and this resulted in an outstanding success

My proteges are mainly ladies, from housewives to professionals, and they now have earned from 3 digits to 6 digits (SGD) per annum from online business.

VIBES Mastery has also developed for children program since 2015. Till now, more than 500 kids have been benefited from this program.

In 2017, I launched VIBES Gold Vending Retail, the world’s first automatic vending machine which distributes Islamic-related products like hijabs (headscarves by Muslim women) and jubbah (clothes for Muslim women), along with Halal certified products like organic beverages, cosmetics & skin care. VIBES Gold features SG brand owners with products from all across the world.

What is your business philosophy? What are the advantages/strengths of your company in the market?

My business philosophy is “Business Integrity is no longer a cliché”. This also highlights the importance of my Life – Business – Balance.

The advantage of my company is to do media exposure for Singapore’s brands. In addition, many enterprises have always trusted and cooperated with us, especially business advisory & empowerment in Malaysia. The success of my program is proven by signed contracts inside and outside my country.

Could you please share some difficulties that you have to face with in business, and how did you overcome them?

Điều khó khăn là khi bạn làm việc với khách hàng chưa có sự chuẩn bị kĩ càng và làm sao cho họ nhận ra giá trị và tài năng của họ, việc đánh giá cao khách hàng của mình cũng là cách để họ có thể làm tốt hơn

The difficult part is when you work with clients who are not well-prepared and you have to assist them in understanding their values and talents. High evaluation about your clients also supports them. I’ve following every steps of their development and always provided assistance to develop their businesses to higher level.

Automatic vending machines are one of the ways for investors like VIBES Gold to help the micro online business gain more awareness and presence via brand positioning with our machines. That is how I overcome difficulties by creating a simple money-making business model for small enterprises.

Could you name some achievements that both individual and the company have gained in your business? Your contribution to the community and society?

I will consider all of my awards as worthy achievements that I have earned in the years of dedication:
Award Winner – BID Award 2017/ 2018 Frankfurt , Germany – Gold Award for Innovative Ideas & Tech – VIBES Gold Vending Retail.

Award Winner- Promising Business Enterprise by Trade & Industrial Association of Singapore (TIAS)

Asia Pacific 2015 Brands Award

Award Winner – SME Asia Award Singapore 2015 by Asia Journal & TIAS

Award Winner SG50 Finest Brands – 2015 Champion Producer Real Estate Sales – Top 50 – Yr 2000 to Yr 2010.

My company is a social enterprise with raise, an organization that helps business to scale up. I gave free business consultation to their members.
Besides, Wae have become a mentor and Judge for Asian Youth Ambassadors twice.

Your plans, intention for the development of your company in the future?

In the future, I want my vending machines to be all across the world. Besides, I hope we can create more awareness seminars and open overseas rep office.

What are your perspectives about the role of Women Leaders in modern times?

My point about this issue is clear, because I am a women leader so I understand that as long as we are emotionally detached from personal issues & gender complex while at work, women can do wonders. Ability to think with both heart and mind will create lasting success.

Which business areas/fields do you prefer to connect with in Vietnam market?

Vietnam market is young and active so I hope to have some investment opportunities, example: high-end retail products manufacturers for export, finding investors for my machines and we always welcome any entrepreneur who wants to enter Singapore Market.

What’s your opinion about the topic: “The Successful Women Leaders” & Honoring Ceremony of Top 50 Asia- Pacific Women Leaders Awards 2018? What’s your expectation of this year event?

I feel very happy to have the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with businesswomen who share the same thoughts about the power of women today. I find the main theme of this year to be interesting, it can connect the female business leaders together, making us more motivation to develop non-stop in the digital society is occupied as I also hope that women entrepreneurs like us will give more women more motivation to develop themselves, enhance the value of women.


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