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Ms Pham Thu Thuy – Director of Thuy Vi Spa

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April 27, 2018

Under the management of Ms Pham Thu Thuy, Thuy Vi Spa & Beauty is now the destination for prestige beauty of more than 3000 customers. They have been providing with more than 100 of skin treatments, and health care services. With a desire to bring the top beauty products to Vietnamese women, her dream comes easier than ever after she has officially joined the Wlin Capital club.Being a beauty lover with a desire to make the world more beautiful,Ms  Thu Thuy has understood that beauty is a power to enhance confidence and a tool to capture many opportunities for success in our life. Although has been working for nearly over 10 years in the banking industry. After many years suffering from hardship and anxiety, in 2012, Thuy Thuy established the first Thuy Vi Spa & Beauty-Spa in Vinh Phuc. In the inevitable development of aesthetic industry, but with the “mind” of professionalism and the principle of “Quality-Safety-Effect”, right from this moment, Thuy Vi Spa has quickly identified the direction for her business that is to bring customers the world  most advanced beauty methods  and the most updated technology in offering natural beauty, also ensuring safety treatment.

Our beautiful Director of Thuy Vi Spa

With the mission: “Constantly develop an imperfection services that helps bringing customers an imperfect experience”, in recent years, Thuy Vi Spa has constantly invested in the facilities and equipment to satisfy the ever-changing demand in beauty. The  increasing demand of beauty in our women. Thu Thuy also invited expertise, highly prestigious doctors with many years experience in the beauty industry to train the  staff in order to deliver a more dedicated, thoughtful and high quality service.
Thuy Vi Spa has been known as the No. 1 beauty salon in Vinh Phuc, applying the most advanced technology and  ensuring absolute safety in delivering services.
After 5 years in progress, Thuy Vi Spa is well known as the trusted and popular spa of more than 3000 customers. By providing more than 100 treatment services offering for skin treatment and health services from basic to advanced. Applying the latest technology from Korean like Wontech, Hironic, Bomtech combined with high-class cosmetics Image Skincare: Laser Pastel treatment melasma, freckles, fresh collagen, Hifu lift wrinkles , Laser Fractional CO2 treatment for pitted scars, skin rejuvenation, chemical skin treatment, sensitive, nourishing, permanent hair removal …
Thuy Vi Spa has won the Golden Rose Award for Beauty Vietnamese; Prestigious Brand Award for Community Health

Along with the challenges and prestige built from the customers brand equity, Thuy Vi Spa has won the Golden Rose Award for Beauty Vietnamese; Prestige Award for Community Health by the Cosmetics and UNESCO Magazine. Thuy Vi Spa always puts the word “TAM” into their service, by constantly improving the quality of services and catering the beauty aspirations of over 3,000 customers who have been loyal customers in the last 5 years.

After joining Wlin Capital – Club  with the International Women’s Network in Vietnam, which is the most professional environment that gather hundreds of the leading female leaders in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. This is such a good opportunity for women to connect better and better. “When businessmen of the new age have to converge on a blown mind, Wlin Capital has brought me a sense of well-being to” More beautiful – more successful – being happier. “

 Businesswoman Pham Thu Thuy giving congratulation Mrs World Nguyen Thu Huong (middle) and businesswoman Nguyen Thuy Oanh (left) on  the gala dinner celebrating the 4th anniversary of Wlin Ha Noi

When her network with the WLIN club members has been going well, Thu Thuy’s counterparts in doing business also want to contribute as members to Wlin Capital club, so that they can offer more beauty products, and promoting trust over the entire Vietnamese women. She hopes that  her small contribution is a chance to spread out the good values ​​of the club to the community with the message conveyes “Beautiful women is a power.” Wlin Capital members will continually keep their enthusiasm to spread the fire to other members within the club so as to become stronger and more popular ultimately.
Being elected as the Wlin Capital executive board, she has been looking forward to contributing her voices and energy to the members of Wlin Capital to bring prestigious and leading beauty products to Vietnamese women.
By: Nguyen Hoang


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