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Nam Huong Media & Event successfully organized the event “BSIN & WLIN Business Festival”

By namhuongsuper

September 4, 2018

On 28 and 29 August 2018, “BSIN & WLIN Business Festival” was held at Laguna Lăng Cô – a fully integrated international resort in Vietnam. The event was exclusively performed by Nam Huong Media & Event and made a big impact.

This was a gathering of nearly 200 men and women leader from the BSIN and WLIN, which offered them the opportunity to enjoy 5-star luxury at Laguna Lăng Cô, share business opportunities, cooperate across borders and especially become close friends, trusted partners in the future.






Nam Huong Media & Event is one of the brands of Nam Huong Corporation, which specializes in communication strategy and event management for large enterprises in Vietnam and in the world. Over the years, Nam Huong Media & Event has successfully organized many big events such as: Top 100 Business Style, Top 50 Women Leader International, CEO Kids, Leader Talk with many different topics… And in the last days of August 2018, with the success of “BSIN & WLIN Business Festival” has increasingly affirmed the professionalism, prestige and position of Nam Huong Media & Event in the market.



Dr. Nguyen Khac Thuan and Dr. Psychologist – Ly Thi Mai


Mr. Gavin Herholdt and Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam


Members of BSIN


WLIN Singapore

Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong – 1st runner-up Mrs. World – General Director of Nam Huong Corp – An expert in consulting brand strategies and Organizing Committee of “BSIN & WLIN Business Festival” shared: “Nam Huong Corp is not simply a media company, but I want to bring the mission of Nam Huong further to help bring Vietnam to the world and bring the world to Vietnam. Throughout our formation and development process, we have created the BSIN – Business Style International Networking for businessmen, WLIN – Women Leader International Networking,which dedicated network for women leaders in Vietnam as well as the whole world. And Nam Huong Media & Event, a member of Nam Huong Corp, with the enthusiasm and profession will be the bridge to bring the project of Nam Huong closer to the domestic and international business community .”



Ms. Thu Huong anh Ms. Thanh Tra – WLIN Partner in Da Nang



Winners of Asean’s Top Leader Awards 2018

The joys and smiles of the entrepreneurs during the two days of the event were the best evidence of the achievements that Nam Huong Media & Event had ever created. Customer satisfaction is the driving force for Nam Huong Media & Event to continue implementing large projects not only for the business community but also for the successor generation and help Nam Huong Media & Event continue to hold a strong position in the market.






Sponsor by: Laguna Lăng Cô, Cam Tien Swimsuit Company, Celin Vietnam, He & Me Canai, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy – General Director of Alysa Vietnam, Ms. Le Thi Tam – General Director POTIV Commercial Service LTD.

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