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Nguyen Hoang Educational Group’s companionship with Top 100 Business Style

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May 7, 2018

(Bstyle)- The event of Top 100 Business Style 2017-2018 with the theme of “Future Business leaders” has been succesfully celebrated. By over 600 business people, entrepreneur and leaders from international group have joined and discussed on the topic of how to generate human resource, how to built and develop a strong future business leaders generation.

This is an event hosted by Bstyle magazine, the business people  community – bstyle.vn accompanied with School of North America , a member of  Nguyen Hoang Educational Group , operated by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI and by Nam Hương Corp.

Have been spoken at the event, Mr Vo tan Thanh  – Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry  – VCCI said “ Our country has been constantly boosting up economy by joining, executing and negotiating with over 16 Treaties of Commerce (including FTA) together with forming crucial international partnership. Approaching the new management and development strategies to adapt with the new situation is such a challenging and vital issue towards big enterprises. From that, I have set high expectation over the topic of “Strategies for our next generation” of our Leader Talk event today. In particular, we have a proffessional contribution from Nguyen Hoang Educational Group. I believe this event will widen the aspects and perspective for our enterprises and raise a network among the young leaders generation.

Mr Vo Tan Thanh – Vice President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry carried out the speech

Nurturing the future generation has been always the most concerning topic, in particular, in the stage of joining multilateral treaties at this moment. To our businessmen , the next generation is a vital resource in constantly promoting the development and well-being of the corporations. However, it is never easy to nurture a young talented generation, what we should prepare is a long term strategy and right investment strategy. Crucially, we should facilitate a strong and vital connection among family members, schools and businesses. To the importance of deciding the future leaders, the History Professor Nguyen Khac Thuan, representative of the Decision Council of Top 100 Business Style 2017 – 2018 has shared: “The young talented people we nuture, will grow to be better and more talented than us. A good businessman not only a good leader but also can create a talented community. The businessman here can learn from each other at them same time improve altogether ultimately. This is such a moral purpose, bringing a brighter future to be.

Proffessor Nguyen Khac Thuan, a man who devotes his life in to education, has directly nurtured many great Vietnamese generation

As being a father, businessman Nguyen Hoai Nam – General Director of Berjaja Vietnam, and CEO of Nam Huong Corp carried a talk about his position. In a more generous perspective, this is such unfair to our children. As parent, we should not try to force our children do things that they might not really into, what we should accomplish is making them feel passionated and having desired toward our businesses, that is truly a great luck to families”.

Mr Nguyen Hoai Nam– General Director of Berjaya Vietnam Group, Ceo of Nam Huong Corp. has shared about the strategies for our future leaders generation

As a native American, also was nurtured and trained in forming a clear career path from an early age, Ms Tiffany Lynn Kennedy – Head of Educational and Career Consultant at SNA school has revealed, Vietnam is requesting a high quality human resources for the sake of impressing development demand. Thus, educators have to change their mind and educating method to help the young generation being more flexible to adapt to the era of digital industry, therefor both teachers and students can access the information more easier via the Internet. The young generation is becoming more creative in the ways of finding best solution to dealt with problem rather than only sticking to notes like they were used to do. Indeed, the digital revolution has made an impressive influences toward education industry and that helps accelerating the developing nation to speed up their developing pace more than ever. For this reasons, educators should adjust their teaching methods and set a clear and specific orientation for students to catch up with the world developmental pace.

To deliver the most effective solution for the mission to nurtur the next generation . In the special Talk Show event, the theme “Strategy for the next generation” with the management of Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong – General Director of Nam Huong Corp. Speakers participating in the Talk Show including: Association. Professor. Dr. Thai Ba Can – Director of Hong Bang International University; Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung – Economist, Director of Research and Development Institute of Economics and Management of Ho Chi Minh City; Dr. Doan Hue Dung – Managing Director of North American International School; Ms. Van Thi Anh Thu – Senior Executive Vice President, Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam; Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Head, CO.opmart Project Division; Mr. Ngo Bang Long – General Director of Binh An Security Company. 

The seminar “Strategies for successfull generation” with the participations from various fields from educational specialists, business owners, and senior managers of large enterprises in the country and foreign corporations.

Mr. Ngo Bang Long – General Director of Binh An Security Company; Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Head of the Board, Project Co-Director of High-Level Co.opmart and Mr. Nguyen Hoang Dung – Economist, Director of Research and Development Institute of Economics and Management of Ho Chi Minh City

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thai Ba Can, Rector of Hong Bang International University; Dr. Doan Hue Dung – Executive Director of North American International School SNA and Ms. Van Thi Anh Thu – Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Sunstory PepsiCo Vietnam.

After more than 1 hour 30 minutes of exchanging and analyzing strategies to foster the successor team, the speakers have come up with a number of clearly defined solutions and Separate tasks for businesses, schools and families are clear, specifically. Starting with the family, parents need to care and support the decision of their children. Next is the voice of the business about the requirements and expectations of the human resources from which to associate, order with the school to train appropriate human resources, can easily integrate the business immediately, after graduation. Finally, it is extremely important that a tremendous pressure on the school is to change thinking in teaching from the faculty – those who inspirators to the students. So, we can expect the younger generation can bare the roles in developing the country’s economy to a higher standard…

Leader Talk event is an opening ceremony of a sequence of the annual events of Top 100 Business Style 2017-2018.

The Decision Council of Top 100 Business Style 2017-2018 including Successful businessman and well-known specialists.

Event photos

Thuy Vinh model and WLIN members

Professor Ha Ton Vinh and Professor Thai Ba Can

Psychologist, MA Ly Thi Mai carried out an inspiring talk

Mr Duong Quoc Nam – CEO and General Director of Hoang Nam Group….

…. Ms Phan Thi Ngoc Nga – Mrs Business in US, General Director at Ngoc Nga Construction and Design, Vice President of WLIN shared her view about nurturing the future generation

The spectacular opening scene by the kindergarten students from Saigon Academy SGA

A well performance from SNA students

HBU students performed the ending scene with the song “Đất nước lời ru”.

By Bstyle


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