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Top 100 Business Style International Network ‘s members – BSIN were fascinated by “The Leaders’ Bookshelf” event

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May 15, 2018

It was an opening ceremony of Top 100 Business Style International Network 2018 – 2019 with the main title –  Businessman for future generation– Leaders’ Bookshelf was impressed by our businessmen from BSIN community, and excitedly engaged due to it’s meaningful value delivered.

Through over 10 years, Top 100 Business Style event was the first mover in building leaders’ images in this new era – Their style, professionalism, cognitivism and social,  community responsibility, particularly, the it is the discipline of the adults to the future generations.

Many years ago, aligning with honoring the outstanding individuals who have great contribution and participation in expanding the businessmen network both national and international investors, with the right mission and vision in bringing Vietnam goes beyond international wide. Top 100 Business Style International Network always be there with the community events, especially the events for our future generation of this country.

The Leader Talk event – “Leaders’ Bookshelf” – is the first event lauching the prizes of Top 100 Business Style International Network 2018 – 2019, carried out by Business Style, and Bstyle.vn community network, BSIN was celebrated under the supervision of  Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Industry – VCCI. The event was hosted by Nam Huong Media & Event, at School of North America – SNA at 8:30AM – 12:00PM, 19th May 2018.

This event is a great chance in helping students to help students learn about the favorite books of Top 100 Business Style International Network, adding to the book knowledge and prepare themselves in achieving a firmer start in the future. This is also an opportunity for children to exchange, communicate and interact with successful entrepreneurs in many fields.

Entrepreneur Duong Quoc Nam – Chairman and CEO of Hoang Nam Group

Having an endless source of knowledge of mankind, this book is not only entertaining but also contains an educational philosophy “A great significance in contributing in preserving the historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the nation” as Duong Quoc Nam – Chairman and CEO of Hoang Nam Group has shared.

Professor of Science Duong Quoc Thai – Honorary Consul General of Pakistan

It also teaches us “how to face and deal with situations in life and work, and show us what is like trivialities that are decisive in life.” Professor of Science. Duong Quoc Thai – Honor Consul General of Pakistan.

Businessman Huynh Thanh Hai – CEO of Saigon Dynamic Investment Consultant JSC

“The book teaches us to always live kindly, altruistically and socially,” said Huynh Thanh Hai, CEO of Saigon Dynamic Investment Advisory.

However, with the rapid development of the Internet, young people have easy access to various books through books or e-books. And that ease of use can lead them to content that is of no quality or meaning. Therefore, the program is also an opportunity for children to learn more about books that are well-protected and valuable over time, helping them to gradually improve their character of good deeds, selflessness but also full of enthusiasm and passion. on the path of career later.

Entrepreneur Le Viet Hai – Chairman of Hoa Binh Group

“There are books that though have been born for hundreds of years, which are still valuable until today, also those are books that contribute to the creation of the mankind, toward the greatness, and the truthfulness – Good – American. This is a very good and useful theory, which helps us to exchange and share our experiences with future generations, “said Le Viet Hai, Chairman of Hoa Binh Group.

Entrepreneur Arup Bansal – CEO of Wavemaker and GroupM

Entrepreneur Paul Le – Vice President SME, Vietnam Trade Promotion
Central Group Vietnam

Currently, the organizer committees of Leader Talk event – Leaders’ bookshelf is still available for free books giving and interacting with our leaders community to SNA students. The great passion from our great leaders passing towards the next generation is a bright element that facilitating the development of our society in general.

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